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Barking Dog Problem - 01 Nov 2020 07:01


Barking up

Sometimes dogs just don't want to be calm and neighbors aren't always so tolerant - I know that from my own experience. My purpose in this article is not to stop your dog from barking completely, but to get rid of the very annoying excessive barking. If your house was demolished in the middle of the night, wouldn't you keep your dog calm? :) more male dog names here.


The first thing you need to do is find out why dogs are barking too much. Here are several reasons why dogs bark:

Ning Warning - General practice when someone is near your house or passing through your house. It is the dog's way of saying, "I am protecting this area, so it will be better now." The sound of this bark is usually loud, loud and authentic.
Anxiety - many dogs bark to calm themselves - is a kind of self-soothing "way" for them. This type of barking is common in stray uncomfortable dogs.
It stimulates
Meditation - Even dogs like children sometimes want your attention and bark and say, "Look, here I am, play with me".
Because of boredom or just for fun!
Dogs respond to other dogs barking
• He wants to tell you something
• Terriers and dogs are bred
Is separated or when taken away from your backpack
• When you are trapped or locked in a room for a while
Omin Domine Barking - very natural for dogs of some ages
Once the previous barking is forgiven, the dogs will remember it as a positive reinforcement
• When you feel threatened or insecure

Dogs are more susceptible to hearing, seeing and smelling than humans. Keep in mind that barking can be caused by something other than your thoughts.

After discussing all the possible causes of injury, let's focus on how to prevent it. The dog and the owner need to establish a clear line of communication that allows them to know what the other part thinks and wants.

If your dog barks, make sure you never do the following:

Do not hold your dog back from barking - this will only encourage the dog to continue. Tell the dog that such behavior will not be tolerated and that the dog will feel bad.
Do not let the dog bark - this is another silly thing and makes the dog comfortable. Make sure that he feels punished and do not let the dog in for a while after barking.
Don't ever yell at your dog - it may sound awkward at first, but this human behavior encourages the dog to bark more and more because he thinks you'll join him and give the dog more power to bark. . Also, pay attention to your dog, if he is watching.
Now you know what not to do. The time has come to get some information to stop your dog barking.

Dog play and exercise with your dog as often as possible - this will reduce your dog's energy and he will not want to bark very often.
If possible, try not to leave your dog indoors or in any other enclosed area for long periods of time.
Tell your dog that you don't like it - a pipe or a clamp, and when it calms down, develop a system to treat or reward him with a toy. Do not use a shock collar - it is excruciatingly painful and a dog will check these devices frequently and the surrounding system will work
Once you calm down, do something productive to get her attention. Try to study basic commands like SIT, Stay, Down.

How to stop barking in most situations

Stop barking when the phone rings

First of all, you need to find out what makes your dog crazy every time the phone rings. Sometimes it is just a matter of melody or quantity and if you change it elsewhere the dog cannot bark.
How do you react when the phone rings? It is possible that you will jump out of bed and run like crazy to get it in front of everyone. It is not surprising that your dog starts barking - he is very excited to see you doing this and it is time to play! When you run to get a phone, you are probably letting your dog get out of the way, and in this way the dog connects the ringing phone to you through human contact and contact.
Try to train your dog on the go-to-spot command and use it whenever the phone rings. This is an optional course of action that will keep your dog calm on the above occasions
Get your dog into the habit of playing the phone. However, make sure you do not answer. Just sit quietly and pretend you can't hear anything (eg, your cell phone call). After a while, the dog gets used to it and will stop barking when you hear this sound.

Barking when you're not home

This type of barking is not as easy to control and is seen as a long-term process. Before we change this, you should keep in mind that dogs are a social creature who feel lonely and stressed after being separated from their pack or owner and express it in different ways. This is commonly known as separation anxiety. Here are some basic tips to keep your dog calm when you are not at home:

Keep your dog happy - the easier it is, you will be surprised how important it is. Exercise and play with your dog, provide fresh water and a comfortable and safe place to sleep, and try to keep the dog out of the area where he can see what's happening outside the window - usually put that away. Can act as a trigger for barking.
RU cruel but effective - ignore your dog as soon as you get home. This method is proven and works, but it only applies to dogs that were barking when you got home.
More than necessary is positive / negative reinforcement training. You need to teach your dog what is good and what is wrong, and once the basics are covered it is very easy to solve any problems with your dog.


Bark to get something

This can be "repaired" very quickly.

You need to tell your dog who the boss is. If you establish mutual respect and common sense of the most common dog training problems and issues, then this problem will not arise.
If you have already completed basic training with stop and quiet commands, you are very easy to use. If your dog wants something urgent and starts barking angrily, just use these commands. Show your dog how to treat it and when it works.
You can also use a very simple method - if your dog shows what he wants, then leave it. At some point the dog will get bored and leave and this behavior will be remembered in the future. This can be a bit annoying and heavy on the ears for a while, but keep in mind what your ultimate goal is.

Barking at people passing by

It is annoying. I must admit that while passing through the property I was often afraid of death when a mad dog barked and started jumping over the fence. It can also be dangerous because if you are afraid of dogs, you can also jump on the road next to I. - Comments: 0

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